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Anastatus Update 
Dec 2013../../2013/12/18_ANASTATUS_UPDATE_DEC_2013.html../../2013/12/18_ANASTATUS_UPDATE_DEC_2013.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0

Top left: Parasitisation chambers for mass rearing

Above: Anastatus release cards ready for despatch

Cameron Wallace gets a spot in the News

Cameron Wallace puts it really well in a little article in the Rural Weekly 14 Mar 2014.

Peter Harper’s shadehouse follow up
Peter’s place is of particular interest to us even though it is very different to the normal farm. He has 3 large fruit fly exclusion shade-houses full of various types of tropical fruits that he is growing organically - so its a year round FSB breeding ground. 
Peter’s crops were devastated by bugs but since introducing Anastatus in late 2012 there has been a dramatic reduction in bug numbers. This is what we would like to happen out in the forest near your crops.
I visited Peter Harper at Bauple again in March. Bug damage was way down and he’s picking lots more fruit. This one is audio only:
For previous video interviews: 
Feb 2012 and June 2013../../2013/4/25_Peter_Harpers_Shadehouse.html../../2013/6/27_Harpers_Shade_house_REVISITED.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1
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