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Top left and above: Cards can be hung in containers for extra protection.

Above, Anastatus cards ready for despatch

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The 40 hectares of paw paws adjacent to rainforest has proved a good site for Anastatus.

Anastatus in Paw Paw
Back in 2013 I visited a large pawpaw farm near Tully (see link) where we had started Anastatus releases. It looked like a good set up with bush next to the crop.

Just had some very positive feedback from Shane Fitzgerald and Anita Davina at Total Grower Services, consultants to Mackays in Tully who grow 40 hectares of pawpaws.

They reported that sprays for banana spotting bug are way down with bugs now at very low levels - usually the high pressure period. No sprays for bugs also means no mite problems and no mite sprays either. So Shane is very excited about the results with the grower “well ahead”.