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Earlier content on this site is now out of date and has been removed. We have come along way in 2 years. The earlier work is still documented and available via the BLOG ARCHIVE.

For more up to date information about FSB biocontrol and Anastatus go to:

The BLOG remains as a record of the process and will continue to operate.

The Multi-Industry FSB Project  MT10049 is a collaboration of industry, government and private enterprise.  The project is principally funded by avocado, macadamia, papaya and lychee grower R&D levies which are matched by the Australian Government through Horticulture Australia.  NSW Department of Primary Industries and Qld Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation are also contributing funds to the project, and NSW DPI is managing the project on behalf of all partners.  Other project partners include the University of Queensland and BioResources.

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