New HIA/Macadamia Society Research Project
"Conserving and encouraging beneficials in macadamias"

There is quite a lot of research out there as well as strong observations by consultants and growers that more diversity and growth in the inter-row provides a better environment for natural enemies enabling them to make a greater contribution to pest control.

We want to test this hypothesis more rigourously by setting up trial sites where we compare inter-row management practices as well as run some grower case study sites.

The last 18 months has been a very busy for us. We have moved our insectary to a new bigger and better location near Woodford where we can expand our production. We haven't wasted any time and now have available two new product lines:

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Green Lacewing adults - a generalist predator that feeds on mites, moth eggs, thrips, lacebug etc.

Trissolcus wasps - targeting Green Vegetable Bug and Small Green Stink Bug:

Research Program outlines some of the issues we are keen to investigate. Includes:

Inter Row Project -Encouraging Beneficials in Macadamias with better inter-row management.

Other Good Bugs commonly found in crops, inter-rows and gardens


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