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Orgilus lepidus

Parasitoid of Potato Tuber Moth (Leaf Miner)

Orgilus female about 9 mm long.
Unparasitised potato moth pupa
and yellow Orgilus pupa.

Target Pest

Potato tuber moth - Phthorimaea operculella

Crops suitable

Potatoes and Tomatoes, Capsicum and Egg Plant

General description

Orgilus wasps are about 4 mm long. The wasp is a good flyer and can work through a paddock searching for PTM larvae. The female lays its egg into small PTM larvae so that a wasp develops rather that a moth. Each wasp can parasitise over 150 larvae.

Its takes about 3 weeks for more wasps to emerge from parasitised larvae. Orgilus have a significant impact by reducing subsequent generations of moths within the crop.

In potatoes, it is usually the third generation of PTM that causes problems in tubers. The first and second generations cause foliage damage but this is usually not of economic importance.

This gives time for the Orgilus to multiply in the crop so that by the later stages of the crop PTM larvae numbers are low and most of these are parasitised.

How to use

Orgilus are supplied in containers of 100 or 200 pupae.

The closed containers should never be left in direct sun.

The wasps will emerge within a few days of receival.

Open flaps on the container then place it in the field with protection from direct sun and rain using a piece of cardboard or other means.

Place on the side of the paddock from where moths are likely to migrate.

Release rates and prices

Orgilus are sold in programs only. Call us to discuss a suitable program.

For example: In potatoes, 500 wasps per week for 6 weeks is enough to cover a paddock of 8 hectares under moderate moth pressure.

Releases should start soon after the first shoots emerge from the ground.


Not currently available

Contact BioResources Phone 07 3289 4919

Other biocontrol agents to use with Orgilus

Trichogramma pretiosum targeting heliothis and loopers.

More information on using Orgilus

Download lots more Orgilus information in pdf format:

Orgilus info.pdf

PTM info.pdf

Orgilus Order Form.pdf

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