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Fruitspotting Bugs

Fruitspotting Bug (Amblypelta nitida) and Banana Spotting Bug (A. lutescens lutescens) remain on the top of the list for many growers.

We are progressing well with the biological control of FSB using Anastatus, an egg parasitoid.

Great results on some farms and we continue to get a better handle on which farms are best suited for wasp releases.

Farms with known bug breeding areas adjacent to or within the farm but not completely surrounding seem to be the best.

Go to the Anastatus Web Page for lots more information about spotting bugs and Anastatus.

We think there are opportunities for neighbouring growers to get together and identify sources of bug breeding in their vicinity and to treat them as a group.

We have increased supply of silkworm eggs for mass rearing in order to expand wasps production for next season.

We will be calling for orders in early August.

There are also other known parasitoids of FSB that complement Anastatus that could be reared in the future.



MPC Growers site - Spotting Bugs in Macadamias


FSB take over 6 weeks to become adults. A lot of the adult FSB seen in crops have bred outside the crop and flown in as adults. They may live for several months as adults.

Anastatus - egg parasitoid of Fruitspotting bugs