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Macadamia Nutborer

Macadamia nut borer, is no longer considered a serious pest in macadamias by most growers. This is because its being controlled by regular releases by many growers of the Trichogramma wasps we call “MacTrix”. Its saved a lot of spraying and has reduced the amount of monitoring that used to go into assessing MNB levels.

It still has the potential to cause major damage but is no longer deemed a difficult to control pest by most growers.

The success of this biocontrol agent brings home the district wide benefits of widespread use of a biocontrol agent.

Some growers have increased their use of broad spectrum insecticides in recent years in an effort to control lace bug, banana fruit caterpillar and sigastus weevil. If this spraying goes longer it will interupt the district wide biocontrol of MNB so there could be a resurgence of nutborer. So, watch out!

In the warmer areas, small numbers of MacTrix do overwinter and contribute to the next seasons control. The more spraying early in the season for lace bug and banana fruit caterpaillar the less benefit we will get from overwintering MacTrix.

For lots more info on using MacTrix go to:

MacTrix Home Page


MNB female adult

Tiny Trichogramma wasps we call "MacTrix" lays its egg into the nutborer egg and produces more wasps instead of a caterpillar.