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Plants typically found in the inter row

We are currently setting up a Database of Plants commonly found in macadamia inter rows as well as plants suitable for deliberate sowing into inter row including the pros and cons of each plant.

A range of weeds and grasses are likely to be present in the inter row, although dominant grasses like smother grass can cause reductions in diversity. In some locations all that is required to increase diversity is to cultivate the soil to allow dormant seeds to germinate.

Milk thistles, Cobblers Pegs, plantain and Billygoat weed typically appear and are good for natural enemies and pollinators....


Billy goat weed


Flat weed

Plantain flower


Honey bees love cobblers peg flowers


Milk thistle are hosts for aphids which are host for ladybirds, hoverflies and lacewings and parasitoids.