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MaxTrix Info in PDF

MacTrix Info includes prices, release rates, release method.

MacTrix Price List

Price List

Dos and Donts and What ifs in PDF

Notes on getting the best out of MacTrix

MacTrix Order Form

Ordering Info and Order Form

MNB & Trichogramma life cycle
(High Resoultion) in PDF 450KB

Life cycle diagram of MacTrix and MNB

MacTrix Grower and Consultant Testimonials

Crop Consultants

The following crop consultants have experience with Trichogramma wasps and include egg parasitism in their monitoring checks and allow for their activity in making management decisions.




Hortus Technical Services

Bundaberg district

07 4155 6344

Chris Fuller

Gympie district

07 5485 4454

Paul Jones - Horticultural Crop Monitoring

Sunshine coast, Bundaberg

0412 714 905

Jarrah Coates - Coates Horticulture

Lismore district

0429 130 880

Alan Coates - Coates Horticulture

Gympie District

0427 204 591

Steve McLean - Macadamia Allsorts

Lismore district

0428 660 508

Scott Herd & Mark Duncan - Norco Rural

Lismore district

02 6627 8270

Phillip McCarthy- MG Rural

Lismore district

0427 043 673

Bob Maier - Maiermac IPM Services

Valla , Nambucca Heads

0402 591 872

BioResources Home

The Good Bug Book
Second Edition

The Good Bug Book contains information about all the biological pest control organisms that can be bought 'off the shelf' in Australia and New Zealand from members of Australasian Biological Control (ABC). This second edition contains descriptions of twelve new organisms that were not included in the first edition.

Topics covered include:

• descriptions of each beneficial organism and its lifecycle (illustrated with colour photographs)

• pests controlled

• suitable crops and environments

• how to handle and manage the parasites and predators before release, at release, and after release

• cultural practices that promote establishment of beneficial organisms

• compatibility of beneficial organisms with various pesticides.

A general section on integrated pest management (IPM) rounds out the book.

The Good Bug Book is a valuable resource for crop growers, agricultural and horticultural advisers and consultants, students and teachers of agriculture and horticulture, and anyone else interested in integrated pest management.

Available from Bugs for Bugs, Mundubbera.
To order Call 07 4165 4663
or email at