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MacTrix are sold by the 1,000 parasitised eggs (2 or 3 wasps emerge from each egg).

Prices range from $44 per 1,000 down to $38 per 1,000 for bulk orders (plus Express Post postage $20-26 and GST). There is a 5% discount for 10 or more week programs.

Recommended release rates: 1,000 parasitised eggs per hectare for at least 6 consecutive weeks - that is, costing from $220 per hectare for a 6 week program.

Note that for larger plantations the cost per hectare can be significantly lower per hectare if the cards are placed judiciously in areas where the nutborer first show up or in historical hot-spots.

Contact us or your consultant to determine an appropriate release rate for your property or call us to discuss.


MacTrix are ordered in programs for so many hectares starting on a certain date. e.g. 10,000 per week for 8 weeks starting 27th Nov November.

Programs can be longer - starting earlier and ending later to catch more generations of nutborer and to further minimise the likelyhood of having to spray and help reduce overwintering MNB.

Your start date may be moved as the season gets closer.

Orders are placed in advance to assist us in managing our insect culture and to enable us to supply as many growers as possible.

Order your MacTrix via your crop consultant.
If you dont have one, you can send your order to us at:

BioResources, PO Box 578, Samford Qld 4520
or email to:

Include the following information in orders:

  • Name
  • Company Name
  • Account Address
  • Delivery Address - where parcel will be out of sun. P.O. prefered.
  • Contact Phone and email
  • Crop (macas, lychees, longans)
  • Block(s) name, if appropriate
  • Starting week
  • Thousands per week (Minimum 1,000)
  • Number of consecutive weeks
  • Your order number (if you wish)

Download the info sheet:

MacTrix Info Sheet

Delivery and HandlingΩ

MacTrix are usually despatched on Tuesdays via Australia Post - Express Post. If they are despatch on another day you will be notified. When they are despatched the wasps have 3 days development before emerging. So if posted on Tuesday they will emerge on Friday.

Typically, parcels are posted on Tuesday, to arrive on Wednesday or Thursday, put cards out Thursday and wasps start emerging on Friday. On despatch, we send an email notification and tracking number.

Ensure that the package is not left in a hot place especially in direct sunlight or in a closed car. Cards should be placed in an esky with a couple of ice bricks if you anticipate having to leave them in a hot location.

Stalling wasp emergence

If you have to stall emergence of the wasps, place them in a fridge running between 5 and 14˚C, otherwise in an esky with a few ice bricks. This will slow the development of the wasps and delay their emergence.

Do not refridgerate for more than 4 days as fitness will decline.

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