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Armoured Scale Predators

Chilocorus circumdatus

or red chilocorus


Target Pests

White louse scale, oleander scale, oriental scale and red scale.

Crops suitable

Protected and orchard crops.

General description

Rich orange colour, about 5 mm long and helmet shaped with fine black margin arouond the base of the wing covers.

How to use

Supplied in punnets each containing 30 beetles. Beetles are carefully tapped onto foliage near pest infestations.

Release rates

Orchard crops: 20 to 50 punnets per hectare.

Protected crops: One punnet per 50 square meters.


In advance if possible.
Contact: Bugs for Bugs Mundubbera Qld. ph. 07 4165 4663

Other biocontrol agents commonly used with Chilocorus

Used with Aphytis wasps and Cryptolaemus in citrus.

Used with Crytolaemus, Persimilis and Lacewings in protected crops

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