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Other "good bugs" commercially available

Commercially mass reared beneficials are available for many common pests and are listed on the Australiasian Biological Control Inc's web site at:

Other "good bugs"often found in crops and gardens

The mass reared beneficials listed on the web site often turn up in outdoor crops. Making mass releases speeds up this process and makes it more reliable as well as "insuring" against unfavourable conditions for beneficials eg. bad weather, chemical spraying, patches of low host availability.

Beneficial insects will move into gardens and crops where minimal chemical spraying is done. They often reduce a pest population to below economic damage levels without us knowing or may prevent a pest getting "out of control".

Good crop consultants will be aware of the beneficial species likely to be encountered in the crops they monitor. They can make a significant contribution to pest control and should be factored into the spray decision making process.

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